Welcome Kyle Cooke

We at PulseGK are delighted to welcome Kyle Cooke into the PulseGK Goalkeeper Gloves.

We have agreed to a Sponsorship with Kyle. Kyle is a 17 year old Goalkeeper at Wexford F.C over in Ireland.
Kyle has been rewarded with sponsorship after being on our radar for sometime. Kyle is a hardworking, dedicated and enthusiastic goalkeeper who has made progress over the last few years.

Kyle is represented by Frank Agyemang of United Football Agency.

When sponsorship was agreed Frank has said. ”

We would like to congratulate our 17 year old Goal Keeper Kyle Cooke from Wexford F.C. on his new sponsorship deal with Pulsegk from UK. Kyle’s hard work on the pitch has earned him a lot of interest around Europe and Pulsegk decided to reward his efforts with this sponsorship deal!
Big Thanks to Pulsegk , Player Link and National League Football Academy from Ireland for their support.”

Frank Agyemang
CEO United Football Agency

Kyle said “My first impression of Pulse gloves were fantastic, the feel, fit, comfort, and look were all amazing. Then, once I put them on for the first training session they really surprised me with how tacky the glove were, not to mention after about 20hours of use I could still hold the ball upside down with one hand no problem, which shows its amazing durability as well as grip. For me, goalkeeper gloves don’t get much better than Pulse. I am utterly shocked with how good Pulse gloves are, they are easily up there with the big brands. I cannot recommend Pulse enough to anyone who wants a top quality goalkeeper glove at an insanely low price.”

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