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Goalkeeper Coach wanted Near Wembley

We have been asked to post about a Goalkeeper coaching postition near Wembley.

The role is to provide one on one Goalkeeper coaching for a 21 year old Male Goalkeeper.

The Goalkeeper has been Under 20 & 23 international. He has played National league.

Goalkeeper coach required to get the Goalkeeper back sharpe and to continue to improve all round Goalkeeping skills and knowledge.

The Goalkeeper is currently being looked at by League two clubs.

Goalkeeper coaches if you feel this is of interest please get in touch and we will pass on your details to the Agent.

Please email your interest and abit about you to us and we will be in touch.


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Congratulations Aja

Congratulations to Aja for signing for Womens WSL 2 side Aston Villa

Aja has recently made her debut as Aston Villa Ladies won 3-0 against Watford Ladies

Wish you all the best for the future Aja and keep on developing.

A few Photos attached of Aja showing off her Pulse P1 Blackout Goalkeeper Gloves




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October 16 PulseGK Glove Give Away

Want to win a free pair of Pulsegk Goalkeeper Gloves.

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Recovering from a mistake

Players all over the pitch make mistakes at times but as a goalkeeper it usually results in a goal making it a more costly mistake than conceding possession as a striker. But problems occur after the mistake with many keepers losing focus, over thinking and losing concentration because of a mistake.

Often coaches will say “forget it it’s gone” or “don’t worry about it” but does this actually help? Does this stop a goalkeeper from learning from it and developing themselves? With analysis a growing part of the game goalkeepers can evaluate their performances look back and learn.

In order to learn, grow and improve we must be willing to learn, part of this process is accepting that perfection doesn’t exist and mistakes happen. However this is a controllable and something we can limit happening by doing the right things however this does not mean we will never make a mistake.

Overcoming a mistake, straight after making a mistake there is a technique called: focus refocus, this is where you do an action such as un-strapping your gloves and re-strapping them, other things to try could be walking just off the pitch next to your goal having a drink then walking back on or readjusting your shin pads.

Coaches may say things like “make a great save next time” this doesn’t help it just adds pressure to the goalkeeper, this can make them feel like they need to do something extraordinary rather than just focusing on the rest of the game. In comparison if a midfielder gave away possession with a pass a coach wouldn’t tell them to make the next one a 40 yard diagonal pass, you’d tell them to keep it simple for the next 5 minutes or maybe suggest what they could have done. To Summarise this paragraph immediately after a mistake its key to focus on the rest of the game and not let the one mistake ruin it or feel like you need to go above and beyond and try to do something spectacular as this could lead to another mistake.

After the game, normally after the game adrenaline is still high just as emotions can be, so trying to analyse your game than can bring dishonest self reflection or denial. Based on this it’s best to wait till possibly the next day when you’ve calmed down and feel relaxed, go over your whole performance including how you prepared for the game. Preparation is key and if this was wrong then that can be something to look at, then look at the whole game how was it overall? Then look at the mistake what happened, was it due to positioning, concentration or technique? Once establishing this you can look to work on it, “practice makes permanent” so following a technical or positioning mistake then using the correct technique numerous times in training can increase your confidence in this area. For a concentration mistake it would be worth going through certain brain training activities or looking at ways to can give yourselves concentration breaks during the game when the ball is out of play up the other end.

To summarise, you can’t change the past, but you can learn from it, immediately after making a mistake regain your focus. The next day analyse all parts of your performance, look at how the mistake was caused, then look what you can do to prevent it happening again.

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What next for Jordan Pickford

Despite a relegation season for Sunderland Jordan Pickford was one of the bright sparks in what was a poor season for the club, the 23 year old was the clubs number 1 and despite the clubs position many critics were quick to comment on the young mans potential.

His performances throughout the campaign caught the eye of premier league clubs who are set to fight for his signature this summer, Arsenal are looking to bring the England shot stopper in to give competition to Cech, as well as the toffees who appear to be unimpressed with Maarten Stekelenburg this season.

The question would be what’s the best for Pickford’s development and England career, although arsenal will certainly offer him a lucrative deal but would that come at a price of not playing first team football?

With Pickford staying at Sunderland first team football is certain, but will not being around top quality players hinder his development?

Is certainly an interesting summer for Pickford, but with only one season of potential with him only 4 clean sheets his high price tag is set based mainly on potential.

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The benefits of going on loan

Kasper Schmeichel signed for Man City in 2002. He was promoted to the first team in 2005, after starting the season as number 1 keeping a number of clean sheets including a penalty save against Arsenal he was dropped and replaced, furthermore Kasper was sent out on loan despite his good performances.

Kaspers First stop was Darlington. Who were low down in the football league. After 4 appearances he was then loaned to Bury and played 29 games.  All of this was in less than a year!  This was a long way down from where he had started as Premier League number 1 at Man City.

38 more loan games followed including a spell in Scotland, a permanent move to Notts County followed, now no longer a Premier League player and not needed by City. One season with Notts County and Kasper was on the move. He moved to Leeds United. This only lasting a season before moving to Leicester City. Kasper Was part of Leicester’s most famous team that won the Premier League in 2016. The following season Leicester City and Schmeichel reached the Champions League quarter final, not bad for someone sent out on loan and let go 6 years earlier.

Jack Butland the biggest talent in the Birmingham City academy signed for Birmingham in 2007, he flourished at the Birmingham, Training with the first team as a schoolboy and was promoted into the first team squad in 2010. He was on the bench during the playoffs against Blackpool prior to becoming the first choice keeper. Before becoming first choice Butland was loaned out. He having two spells at Cheltenham Town!  One game he made a mistake and I remember hearing how he stood on his six yard box looking lost after the game! This was all part of his learning.

Butland quickly became Birminghams number one before signing for Premier League side Stoke City. Butland was immediately loaned back. Between 2013 and 2014 he racked up 35 games on loan at Barnsley, Leeds and Derby.
He was later promoted as Stoke City’s number 1 keeper working his way into the England squad before getting injured against Germany.

Joe Hart signed for Shrewsbury in 2003 making 54 appearances in the Football League before Joining Manchester City in 2006. Despite playing Hart was replaced when City Signed Newcastle United’s Shay Given. Hart was then dropped and sent out on loan.

First Stop for Hart was Tranmere Rovers, followed by Blackpool and then to Premier League side Birmingham City. After a fantastic season Hart then returning to become City and England’s number 1. Hart had to go on loan to secure game time. With City looking to bring in yet another keeper the question is what’s next for England’s number 1?

Between the 3 keepers they have played 203 games.
They have 3 Premier League Titles
94 senior international caps
66 U21 caps

All gained a massive amount of experience and game time while out on Loan.

The Path to the top for all of the Goalkeepers are different in terms of where they played their football and gained experience.

At the age of 20 Kasper Schmeichel was playing on loan at Falkirk then went on to Cardiff City.

Jack Butland was at Birmingham City before signing for stoke, to then be loaned back to his former club.

Joe Hart was on loan at Tranmere Rovers and then Blackpool before making a return to the Premier League.

The Path to the top is different for all Goalkeepers.

Each of the Goalkeepers mentioned had different paths but they all gained experience while playing competitive football out on loan before returning to their parent clubs.