Mooney joins Atherton Collieries on short term loan!

It was recently announced that Owen Mooney, the talented goalkeeper for Wigan Athletic, will be joining Atherton Collieries on a short-term loan.

This is an exciting opportunity for Mooney to gain valuable experience playing at a different level and to showcase his skills in front of a new set of fans. Mooney has proven to be a strong player for Wigan Athletic, and we have no doubt that he will make a positive impact for Atherton Collieries during his time there.

This loan move also provides Atherton Collieries with a valuable addition to their team. Mooney’s experience and ability in the net will be a major asset to the club and will help them in their quest for success.

Mooney is no stranger to loan moves, he has spent time on loan at other clubs before and has always been a standout player. He will undoubtedly bring his own unique style and competitive drive to Atherton Collieries, and we can’t wait to see him in action.

This loan move is a win-win situation for both Mooney and Atherton Collieries. Mooney will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience and Atherton Collieries will have a talented goalkeeper to help them push for success.

We wish Mooney all the best as he joins Atherton Collieries and we look forward to following his progress during his time there.

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