Goalkeeper 1v1 Warm up

Goalkeeper 1v1 Warmup session submitted by Daz Newton

Goalkeeper 1v1 Warmup by Gaz Newton

1V1 Goalkeeper Warmup with progressions


8x Cones
3x Goalkeepers
Good number of Footballs


1. Start on the cone facing outwards, turn and move back to centre cone, then set and catch.
2. Start on centre cone, move outwards then back to centre with low diving save.
3. Start at centre move out to outside cone then set and catch. Then move quickly to far centre cone and get set.
4. Start and set at centre, catch the ball, return it. Then run towards the ball for a 1v1 and watch the trigger. Then adjust if the ball moves.

Do each exercise 3 times and switch sides.

Coaching points

Quick Feet
Good Hands
Weight Forwards
Quick Acceleration
Controlled Deceleration
Watch the Trigger

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